Welcome to First Choice Collision

We are a one of a kind, state of the art facility, our modern equipment capable of accomodating everything from small car to semi tractor trailer RV’s and bus repairs. With the diversity of our shop we are challenged to be forward thinkers and always use the most up to date and modern technology.

We require two different mindsets, and two most seperate sets of spaces to accomodate the different requirements of area and equipment.

While our business in run under one company name, there are two distinct sides to it. Each division has its own space, equipment and spraying facility. Each division also has it’s own managment and technician teams.

Inside our shop, we are stocked with state of the art equipment, a frame rack, floor rail setup, paint/thinners recycling unit, two De Vilbiss compressors that have a combined 45 horse power, and two De Vilbiss semi-downdraft paint booths (two big rig paint booths being 40ft long and 16ft high inside). We also have one De Vilbiss downdraft car booth & a Nova Verta double prep station. New to us in 2012 we also gained a 56ft Nova Verta drive-thru double downdraft booth. All together the shop has 35 stalls of various sizes, the heavy truck/bus repair and refinishing areas are naturally larger than for those of light trucks and cars. Sikkens refinish products, an eco-friendly paint are used no matter the size of the vehicle.

Repair on large units requires workers who are attuned to a different ‘culture’, for example, one person cannot manhandle a front bumper on a rig, and the removal of a sleeper cab needs either a crane or a forklift. “Heavy duty” (big rig) tech’s don’t care to work on light automotive vehicles and our “light automotive” tech’s don’t work on the big rig’s, which means we have two workforces.

Although we have two seperate workforces under one roof, they share one important thing, that is the care and pride we share in our work. Our technicians will also agrese with you that is imperative that your vehicle has an invisible repair that is done in a timely and professional manner.